Thursday, June 25, 2009


This princess LOVES the light - not the "go toward the white light" kind of light, though that won't be a bad thing if that happens when she dies. This kind of light is general brightness: sunshine, big picture windows with lots of sunshine, skylights that bring in the sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine. Got the picture? It only stands to reason since the first eight years of her life were spent in warm, sunny, and tropical places. So what's so important about light in this life, the Universe, and everything? Well, everything. So much so that when she ventures out to work with other humans she makes sure it's good and bright. One case in point is a little room that has no windows! Egad! What's a princess to do? Fortunately there is a source of brightness -a happy light. Now other humans don't understand her need for such brightness so she's frequently asked why the happy light is on. While she loves their curiosity, she's getting bored giving the same explanation for her need. Here's the usual scenario:

Curious human employee enters the room with no windows and happy light is on. The clue of no windows should give a hint to the curious observer, but this isn't the case. Usual comment, "Wow that light is bright!" is followed by usual question, "Why do you have that on?"

So here are some possible answers the princess may give:
  • "It's my death preparation light. When I hear 'Go to the light' I want to know what I'm looking for."
  • "An old Chinese proverb says, 'It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.' I asked the property management department to help me in my campaign against darkness. They were fresh out of candles so they gave me this happy light."
  • "Those darn pixies are so annoying! I heard they hate happy lights so I thought I'd give it a whirl."
  • "I'm conducting speed of light experiments. I'm measuring as we speak."

So the quest against boring answers continues. Maybe one day this princess will be pleasantly surprised with a different scenario. One possibility:

Curious human employee enters windowless room with a happy light on. Curious human employee looks at illuminated happy light, looks at illuminated princess, then proclaims "You have a happy light on! Good for you for your death preparation skills, fight against darkness, pixie warding prowess, and speed of light experiment conduction capabilities! You rock, princess!"

One never knows in this princess' kingdom. The possibilities are endless - at least in her mind anyway!

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