Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This princess is terribly poor at flirting. Yes even royal highnesses can be shy in this life, the Universe, and everything. Since she loves the accessibility of the www, she thought she'd peruse for answers. Here's the dish:
  • One suggestion was to cross and uncross the legs. According to the writer, this is seen as sexy. The assumption is that this is in a social setting, so this princess will try to remember not to pick the wedged underwear during the crossing.
  • The next suggestion was to have good hygiene and take a shower. That and a new pair of overalls should do the trick!
  • One article suggested guys love it when a woman bites her bottom lip. Somehow this princess doesn't understand how trickling blood is sexy. Maybe that advice will be skipped.
  • Another author recommends wearing something that feels "flirty". See overalls above.

Blood-drawing techniques notwithstanding, this is a good start for tips on venturing out into the flirting world. Wish this princess luck! She'll need it!

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