Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Carpe diem. Seize the day. Ah yes, this princess has heard this phrase in this life, the Universe, and everything. How can one seize the day when it won't keep still? Moving targets are quite difficult to catch. How are we supposed to do this when Time stands still for no man (or woman or princess or dog or cat...you get the picture!)? So much is said about doing this that one is predisposed to think that this is the be all end all to daily living. Maybe it really isn't such a great idea to seize anything during the course of a day (said day included!). So what are some things humans and some other possible sentient beings best avoid seizing? Here's a possible list:
  • Car engines are generally not on the recommended list of things we want to seize
  • Same for any other functioning motor
  • Hamstrings, lower backs, and heart muscles aren't fun when they seize either
  • Seizing freezers and refrigerators can cause a household meltdown. In this case one wants to seize a cooler and some ice for back up.
  • Being seized by anything may be un-fun as well. Panic, mayhem, Somalian pirates, and leg cramps come to mind (possible exception to the Somalian pirate = handsome, swarthy Somalian pirate).

So any number of things to seize or be seized by best be considered an exception to the carpe diem rule. One needn't be hasty now!

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