Thursday, July 22, 2010


This princess DID fall into a black hole for a month - that is, if it fits the description of sunny Maine beaches; digging new gardens; and, creating new stone pathways at her royal palace. There's no fear of getting down and dirty here since the black hole was actually many dirt holes.

And speaking of dirt! No there is none. Except in the yard. But that's already covered.

Affinity for gardens and sentence fragments aside, a new creation has evolved from the royally distracted by beautiful summer weather mind. Here it is:

Untitled (For cool effect)

Dogma, dogma
Dogma here!
Dogma there!

Dogma sitting
on the train;
and, sitting,
in my brain!

We can laugh at
this refrain.
Dogma - it's
just silly...plain!

Food for thought and extreme silliness all rolled up in one yummy ball. Don't ya just wish you could eat it? Maybe not. Carry on!!