Monday, June 1, 2009


Is it any wonder why communication between humans is an interesting thing in this life, the Universe, and everything? It's so interesting that this princess is writing a second post in a row on the topic! As previously and more simply described, a person has a thought and sometimes a feeling attached to it, processes this, and then expresses it verbally and non-verbally usually to another person in the room who then has his own filter of perception based on past experiences, beliefs, hurts, frustrations, unmet needs, laundry list of mental distractions, and other sundry things; and, then through the perception filter this second person in the room must translate, create a response, and express his own thought/feeling to the first person. This princess is tired just thinking and typing this one interaction alone!!! Then technology enters the mix! It makes communication oh so much more interesting in that exasperating sort of way.

Like those texting functions that try to read one's mind and predict the desired word during texting. Cell phones are terrible mind readers. They make it better as phones.

Then there's multiple e-mail addresses. One or two for work, one for home, one for your friends from online communities, one for your part-time business, and the list goes on. A usual question is "Which e-mail address did you send it to?" Ah yes, the simple things in life! Humans still don't get the message!

And then there's having the good sense to make the technology work so communication can happen. Remembering to turn the phone back on after a movie is usually a good maneuver. Same for switching from vibrate after a meeting. Volume up is a good idea so the phone is heard. It's those little things in the communicating life that matter!

Multi-tasking with technology is generally considered a bad idea. Driving a car and talking on the cell phone isn't condoned and illegal in some states. Hitting a guard rail is generally inconducive to good communication.

Technology is a beautiful thing when it helps communication. Humans are still good at finding ways to keep it interesting!

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