Friday, May 29, 2009


Communication can be an interesting situation between humans in this life, the Universe, and everything. It's a beautiful thing when it works well.

First there's the speaker who thinks and feels a certain thing and then needs to say it. Then there's the listener who hears it and needs to interpret it then respond to the speaker. At any point along these pathways there can be disconnect or confusion based on any number of factors.

Here are some possible factors for communication pandemonium fun with possible solutions:

  • Lack of eye contact is usually a sign the listener is disinterested or has more pressing matters on his mind. This can easily be remedied with a quick, though unforceful slap to the back of the head. However, it won't endear a listener to the speaker so other attention getting approaches should be considered. Ruler slaps have worked well for nuns.

  • Ear wax is another common listener problem. Otherwise, there would be no cause for the commonly used phrase "clean out your ears so you can hear me!". Sometimes the simplest things are the key to a solution.

  • Heightened emotional states are a problem for good communication occurring between speaker and listener. Uproarious laughter makes it hard for the speaker to get a word in edgewise. Also, the volume predisposes a listener's difficulty in understanding the speaker's words. Controlling this will help.

  • Chronic IV drug use is also considered a barrier to good communication. One is too involved during the high to think or feel anything else so, therefore, there's nothing to express to a listener. If there is a listener, she's probably trippin' too. Rehab is the answer - uh, maybe.
As these points illustrate, there are any number of factors involved to skew communication. When it's good and the message given = message received, then all is well. So remember to give good eye contact with clean ears while avoiding uproarious laughter and chronic IV drug use; thus, communication will be perfect!!!

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