Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ah yes, the dating game! How do we court love or hold love in our court as the case may be? As previously written, this princess prefers the second grade method of courtship (See Post #2 Since that hasn't caught on yet, a girl needs to know what other options are available and viable.

Dating in Ages Past:

Since we're told that history repeats and this is definitely true in the fashion world, there may be some courtship crazes from ages past to bring back.

In ancient times when there was a shortage of women, the men thought Aw what the heck let's go raid our neighbors for a woman! then murder and mayhem ensued as they pillaged a village for a date. Brings new meaning to the phrase love your neighbor, but then again some like it rough and some folks like to do things the hard way. Somehow I don't see this as making a comeback though.

In medieval European times, chivalry arose as a backlash to the businesslike atmosphere of arranged marriages. Love was a new attractive ingredient. Life imitated art as honorable men were inspired by stage suitors to serenade, recite poetry, open doors, buy dinner, and give flowers to inspire this ingredient and woo chaste women. Yeah, don't see that making a comeback either! Generally speaking, there's a shortage of the necessary ingredients of honorable men and chaste women in U.S. modern society. We may have to go raid Canada's villages to find some.

Victorian England decided love was definitely the primary ingredient but decided formality was key as well. Everything had to be put in writing. Sounds like a pre-nup to me so it looks like this never left the norm.

Nordic countries used knives and sheathes as indicators of interest and readiness to date. Seems they had a psychic connection with Sigmund Freud and the village pillagers of days past. This may be a serious safety issue for modern day lovers as some already run with scissors! This probably won't be in the queue for upcoming dating trends.

Current heartbeat of hottie pursuit:

This princess loves perusing the world wide web for interesting information. So what was found in the hot hottie pursuit category?

From a web comment posted a few years ago we have:

"New Zealanders, Australians, and the English do not "date". They drink and lunge."

Enough said.

Actually they're into the group thing - dating I mean. Actually not dating but hanging out in groups. It's the custom in Europe and the Central and South Americas as well.

Of course there's a plethora of other dating topics in cyberspace on the current dating scene. However, this princess is tired and there's just not enough room in one little blog for the scope of all that in this life, the Universe, and everything. Suffice it to say she will always be a fan of the aforementioned 2nd grade courtship system!

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