Monday, May 4, 2009


It seems the swine flu aka H1N1 has created some surprises for humans in this life, the Universe, and everything. This princess studied microbiology and her professor told the class that microbes would conquer the Earth. Of course royalty doesn't enjoy hearing such things but the subject was forgiven. Interestingly enough this princess also remembered learning that a lowly carpenter from a past millenium spoke "the meek shall inherit the Earth". Her tutor who was versed in Greek explained that the Greek word, prautes, was transliterated into the English word, meek, which is the closest equivalent. Prautes specifically referred to taming and training a horse. So there's an element of being teachable to this. Being teachable is synonymous with being adaptable because there's learning and changing going on. Adaptability goes hand in hand with Darwin's theory of evolution. What does this have to do with microbes and Jesus? We try to tame (or rather KILL-and rightly so) the germ and it responds by training itself to live (think of microbes that develop resistance to antibiotics). Imagine the nerve of the thing! It actually survives! It's a good thing to be surviving when the inheritance thing rolls around. At inheritance time it's always better to be on the receiving versus giving end! So if the germs are the last ones standing, they get the inheritance, but then again their human food supply will be gone so what will they do? There's always fast food!

Meanwhile for our self-preservation, what can we learn from this scenario? For one, we can pay attention to the public service announcements:

(See Post #14: See "All You Need is Love PSA")

Here's another interesting thing we can glean from this: proponents of opposing views may actually be able to have a civil cup of tea together! There's talk of Jesus and Darwin in the same paragraph and nobody got hurt! No insults were hurled! No arguments raised! No death threats! What is our world coming to?

So even know-it-all smartypants types can learn something new? This princess definitely needs constant help in the fashion department! Does that mean she'll one day rule in that department too? A princess can always dream!

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