Friday, May 1, 2009


As previously mentioned in this blog,

(see Post #13: ), humans in this life, the Universe, and everything are intriguing. More specifically their actions and possible motives are the thing. A real life random act of randomness was spotted at the palace in a small rock garden. Someone lovingly and recently placed a Lexmark printer on the wooden edifice (otherwise known as a stump) in the rock garden in the palace courtyard. Always the curious one, this princess is wondering about the motives behind such placement. This person may have had any number of reasons to do this. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Printing papers on a wooden stump is the new black. That's right. It's a new fashion trend!
  • It was a landscape architect design to merge technology and nature. So avant garde!
  • The previous owner just couldn't care for his little printer anymore and he wanted to give it a loving home with nice surroundings in a natural setting.
  • The previous owner is a real estate agent who was thinking "Location! Location! Location!" when she remembered she needed a perfect spot to place her printer.
  • A nearby family thought they'd get better TV reception if they placed the printer on a wooden stump in their neighbor's rock garden.
  • The previous owner read on the Internet that there's a new technology that recycles old wooden stumps into paper, which is then fed (right there and then!) into a printer, which then prints any needed documents. Will the wonders of technology ever cease?!

Thus are the possible scenarios in which the printer purveyor was ensconced. What other predicaments, pickles, or predeterminations may have been involved? The mystery remains!

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