Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Humans and their motives always interest me in this life, the Universe, and everything. I was driving down the street (yes this princess loves to drive!) and noticed an interesting side street name. Then I looked down that street which dipped into a little valley and I saw the most interesting thing of all. It was "JESUS" painted in red letters on the roof of a house.

I thought I wonder why the owners did this? Were they in angry? Hey, red is a symbol of strong emotion and usually it's anger. They might be so angry they felt the need to express their anger thus.

Or maybe it was an attention getter. The roof is facing the sky after all. Maybe they wanted Jesus to see it from Heaven. Maybe Jesus will think They LIKE me! They really LIKE me!! This may be the painters' desired result. They may have even hired a marketing specialist who recommended painting as a tie-in to the construction trade so the big J would be pleased. He was a carpenter after all. The big J may even put in a good word for the painters with the big G. Hey, every little bit helps.

Or maybe the owners decided they needed to maintain their penmanship skills, and the roof with Jesus in red paint was as good a way as any. One always benefits from penmanship practice. The letters were in good shape and proportional. Actually, they looked perfect all in capital letters. I think Jesus would approve and they'll get another good mark on their celestial scorecard.

Or maybe they just like the name Jesus and wanted to recommend it via the rooftop method to expectant parents. Instead of shouting it from the rooftop they figured they'd paint it on the rooftop to keep their voices from getting hoarse. Being house painters they're probably quite practically minded that way.

So I will wonder on about the impetus that propelled these purveyors of paint to express themselves so. Isn't it interesting what we can do and why with a bucket of red paint? The special effects guys from the movie Carrie (based on the Stephen King novel of the same title) may concur!

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