Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ever notice how most cats could care less if their owner lived or breathed just as long as said owner fed them on time? Though I've owned some wonderfully enjoyable cats I must admit my fondest memories are of our family dogs: Bertha, our St. Bernard who was so gentle pigeons roosted on her head; Lady, our malamute husky who rough housed with us; and, Trouble, our mischievous Samoyed/Malamute mix who had a white coat and black bandit mask. Our favorite game: Trouble stole our mittens when my brothers and I tobogganed. At first we chased him, which he thought was great fun. Then we pretended to faint and fall on our backs in the snow. He'd run over, drop the mitten, and lick our face. We'd snatch our mitten back and laugh. He was also my jogging partner and a princess' best friend. So in light of all the fun, love, service, and loyalty our dogs bring us, I share a little dog humor (no not a Chihuahua) that has come to play in my court...and I can see it's little tail wagging now (it's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier):

Why did the dog cross the road?

Choose all that apply:
  • He was bored playing "Fetch"
  • His owner had the keys to the Ferrari
  • How else was he gonna reach Fifi who's in heat?

Why did the dog chase the cat?

Choose all that apply:

  • It's much more fun than playing "Fetch"
  • The owner still has the keys to the Ferrari
  • Fifi rejected him

So there it is. A "little" dog humor for the owners who enjoy dogs in this life, the Universe, and everything.

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