Thursday, April 23, 2009


Someone once said "Idle hands are the Devils' workshop". Well, what about other unused body parts? Could humans get into trouble if they had inactivity elsewhere? How would we label and categorize these issues?

Would a woman who's causing problems at the office due to unrelieved sexual tension have "cootchie cooldown"? Should they categorize it more technically and call it "quiescent cootchie"? Would a man doing the same have a "jobless johnson"?

It's been said that intelligent teens who don't get enough mental activity or stimulation can become underachievers. So would all that potential go down the "brain drain"? And would a group of these indolent intellects be a "busted brain trust"?

And what about those unused gluts? What if a chair fit so snugly that when a person stood up it defied gravity and came along for the ride? Did the chair get a "butt hug" or was it a "gross weight embrace"? What does one call this situation besides embarrassing?

It seems that idle hands aren't the only things that can make life interesting in this life, the Universe, and everything. It's time to move it or lose it or suffer (or enjoy as the case may be) the consequences.

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