Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This princess has always wondered about life, it's meaning, how it all works and so on. One intriguing thing is what happens after we die. I have a few questions: Is it really that much different in the new space or state of being? What are some things to consider about beliefs humans hold?

Certain near death experiences (NDE) discuss meeting relatives who have passed away. What if the dying person doesn't want to meet a relative or two? What if he'd be happy spending eternity without said relative? Think about it...who's to say anything would change just because of the new move? Eternal quarrels, sibling rivalry, or endless parental nagging? Is that really in the eternal rewards plan? Maybe the Universe Maker could get tips from Citibank or Discover card.

I've also read NDE stories where people report "knowing everything" once they get to the other side. I already know people on this side who think they know everything so nothing's changed there.

What about the belief "you die, go in the ground, and that's it"? Yeah, that sounds like fun.

Then there's the reincarnation gig. My question: if someone heads back to Earth who's gonna be there to meet and torment the newcomers (see above meeting relatives example)?

This princess vaguely remembers the Catholic concepts of limbo, purgatory, and hell, which really just sound like varying versions of jail time. If you're an unbaptized baby who dies you get to go to limbo, hang out, and be bored. No punishment there so it's probably like a pre-release center here on Earth. For somewhat bad behavior you get to do a finite amount of time with punishment in purgatory. Sounds like a short jail sentence to me. For really bad behavior there's hell and there's no gettin' out of it. That sounds like life in prison with no parole. Yeah, good times.

So many beliefs, so little time for a princess to consider in this life, the Universe, and everything. She feels another possible blog post coming on. Stay tuned.

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