Monday, April 6, 2009


Except for the butterflies in my stomach, I don't feel so funny today. The word "funny" has "fun" as its root and "possible" origins of the word "fun" are "fon"- to make a fool of; Middle English "fonnen"- to fool; "fonne"- fool; and, the Celtic "fonn" - pleasure.

Are we having fun in America right now? The economy doesn't seem so funny right now, but isn't laughter free besides being the best medicine?

So let's attempt to raise the fun quotient with a joke:

Why did the funny man cross the road?

  • He was dodging tomatoes torpedoed by an angry audience

  • He thought he'd find a joke there

  • The psychic medium, John Edward told him he could cross over to the Other Side

So maybe that was a failed attempt. I may have possibly lowered the fun quotient. Hopefully it felt a little better than being attacked by a band of ninjas!

So there it is! Brief thoughts offered on fun and funny in this life, the Universe, and everything.

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