Friday, May 15, 2009


This princess saw a sweet classic Corvette parked on the street in the local kingdom. It's license plate read "u liv 1c". The next thought was you live one "c"? How can you live a "c"? Is that code for something? Okay it was more than one thought but the brain finally kicked into gear and realized the message was "you live once". Humans in the USA love to post thoughts and messages on their cars via bumper stickers, license plates, and car art. Here are some license plates with possible interpretations that address burning questions like "should anyone really care?":

NEDLART - It's unfortunate enough this person was named Ned Lart, but must he abuse himself further by advertising it?!

WELLRED - This owner of a red Pontiac Grand Am clearly has spelling issues and needs to actually read more so she can learn!

LTL BLUE - Ditto for this owner of a little, blue, classic Toyota

EEYORE - Well, what about him?

BTRFLY4 - Does the driver have a better fly for us - to spread more germs or catch more fish? Is there really one out there and if so, does he actually have four of them to share?

BTFLGLS - Ummm......? All that comes to mind is an eloquent description of thongs as "butt floss". So maybe the driver is a member of a self-described group known as the "butt floss girls". Hey, it takes all kinds!

PB4WEGO - Gotta love this mother of little kids!!!

So license plates as advertising, philosophy, and important reminders seem to bode well in this American life, the Universe, and everything. Now if only we can figure out a way to message with vegetable peelers. Our lives will be complete!

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  1. I love to read license plates while driving to and from my world of cubbies and while going on long trips. The challenge of figuring them out and the feeling of "getting it" makes the time complete, if only for a flitting moment. Now, to figure out a way of having that same feeling duplicated in a boring meeting, I'll be all set. Thanks for putting into words and recognizing the thoughts of messaged license plates. I wonder what percentage of people in the US recognize them?