Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ever notice how some humans in this life, the Universe, and everything just take what they want without the slightest bit of consideration for others? Desperation, the need for greed, or some other motive propel them forward to their goal willy nilly with no thought of the ramifications or effects on others or even themselves. What are these important things or goals certain humans must have or attain? What is so important that drives said humans like bulls in a china shop squashing any other sentient beings who so unfortunately happen to be in their way?

For one, Mentos are a highly significant thing and when this princess feels the need for enjoying chewy texture and minty fresh breath the path best be clear! She takes no responsibility for the health or welfare of other denizens of the kingdom.

Thumb tacks are another highly prized commodity for which this princess will never wait! If there's a line at Staples then buyers beware! They best move it or lose it for this tack swinging emissary of doom!

Another highly necessary goal this princess has seen on the road is the need for speed. It's extremely expedient for a driver to pass and cut off another driver so he can make that exit 2.5 seconds faster than before. Those extra 2.5 seconds count in life! Probably on his way to grab some thumb tacks.

On the other end of the spectrum is the driver who loves to travel in the passing lane of a two lane highway. She's thinking I like the view from here or I'm practicing driving like they do in England or I'm a princess and I'll damn well do what I please or I'll pretend I'm a State trooper and I may as well speed while I'm at it even though there's no public safety issue, emergency, or threat to attend to immediately or I like these new travelling lanes they've issued! Yeah, it's fun being stuck behind Grampa Jones going 45 mph in a 65 mph zone with Twinkle Toes Traveller enjoying her trip down travelling lane that other humans wish was a passing lane!

So yes, humans for whatever reason "just gotta have it" and they grab it before the brain or the heart engages. Is it any wonder why internal and/or external conflict ensues? Just a thought.

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