Friday, June 19, 2009


There was a street vendor in the kingdom recently who had a vast array of brightly colored thick rope on large black spools. What inspired this street entrepreneur to go into the rope business? Did she do a market feasibility study to find a niche for her product? She's a little late for the initial market turndown of the U.S. economy. Was her sales pitch, "At the end of your rope? There's hope! I have tons! While supplies last!"

Human creativity in the business world of this life, the Universe, and everything knows no bounds. Here's a list of some interesting businesses:

  1. There's a man who sells frozen treats made of pickle juice! Gives new meaning to the phrase "Pucker up!".....Here's his link:

  2. This person sells origami boulders, which gives new meaning to the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" concept, or does it?.....Here's the link with a heads up-----> *Non-PC Don Rickles humor style so the genteel denizens of the kingdom be forewarned:

  3. "Nobody loves me everybody hates me I'm gonna eat some worms!" are lyrics to one song kids sing. This website claims increased protein if you eat their specially raised Mopani worms. So if their body loves them for the protein boost but their tongues hate them for the taste, will the kids still eat the worms cuz now they have a body that loves them? What's more, does the insanity of attempting to make this funny approach the insanity of not only eating insects but paying cold hard cash to do so?!! Here's the link:

The phrase "don't knock it 'til you try it" comes to mind with these crazy business success stories. Though this princess won't be knocking the door down to try insects as edibles very soon - as a business or taste bud venture!!!

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