Thursday, July 16, 2009


This princess has been enjoying the beautiful land and seascape in her glorious palace playland in Maine. Vacations are a beautiful thing in this life, the Universe, and everything. Whilst enjoying the natural beauty, the gears and wheels of the comic mind were still attempting to turn. One topic that came to mind was the off-label use of various things, e.g. Avon's Skin So Soft oil works well as a bug repellent. Of course, medical studies are finding certain medicines work well for other ailments in addition to the ones originally intended.

Here are some other off label options this princess wants to add to the mix:
  • Those little blue tooth phone headsets would work well as a distracting device for when you really want to talk to yourself in public but don't want to appear crazy.
  • An inventive woman decided a pair of Hanes underwear would make a great halter top: just cut out the crotch, turn it upside down, put the head through the new opening, arms through the previous leg holes and voila!, instant fashion!
  • Recession-proof temporary tattoos. Got a bored little one looking for some fun? Got a bunch of Chiquita bananas with the stickers attached? Recycle that sticker and give your young'un some fun! Kills two birds with one stone and hey, kids are easy to please!
  • Along the same vein, don't buy your child any birthday toys, just find a clean cardboard box and you're good to go! Generally recommended for the pre-school set, but good BS-ing skills may help you extend this to older children as well. The possibilities are endless!

This is a small sampling of possible off-label uses for items. The expanses of human ingenuity can create many more options. Further explorations and discoveries may be posted! One never knows, but once this princess does she most certainly will tell!

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