Tuesday, August 25, 2009


"5 a Day" is an American saying to help folks remember to eat right. However, it's sorely lacking in marketing skills. Where's the sizzle in that phrase? It's competing against some great jingles. Even in the old days Dunkin' Donuts had a slam dunk (pun intended) with the happy tune "Give somebody Dunkin' Donuts...get some lovin' back". This princess would pick lovin' over 5 a day any day in this life, the Universe, and everything. So how can we bring back the sizzle and make good nutrition fo shizzle? Here are some possibilities:

  • Bring the sexy back - not that it was ever there in nutritional food, but ya gotta start somewhere. Here's a sample: "Bone up on bone health with these sultry sardines. They're so luscious you'll be screaming for more!" Yeah, that's the ticket.

  • Create an air of mystery: "On a dark and stormy night as a wolf howled furtively at the moon, the mangoes arrived at the scene of the crime."

  • Create a sense of adventure: "Look at those carrots rappelling down that cliff!!! I want one!"

  • Create a sense of vivaciousness: "Turnips have such verve! Try one today!"

So there may be hope to spice up the enticement for good nutrition. Little do Americans realize there may be a sultry sardine, mysterious mango, adventurous carrot, or a turnip with verve lurking in their kitchen!

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