Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sense and sensibility; sense and sensitivity; sensei, sensibility, and sensitivity - yes, it's amazing what a little vowel and consonant placement will create in this life, the Universe, and everything. Associations and connotations change. Vowels and consonants in the mix:
  • Does a sensei with sensibility and sensitivity really give 2 cents? What's the sense in that?
  • Sled and sledge are one and the same thing. Sled is American and sledge is British. They're both sleighs, except sledge sounds like it rammed into a piece of gooey fudge at the bottom of the hill. America 1 Britain 0.
  • With salability the question is "Can we sell it?" while sanability asks "Can we cure it?". Well, yeah if it's cowhide.

Fun with wordplay, connotations, and associations - what more could a princess ask for? A lot actually, but this one knows that too much royal haughtiness invites instant humility. It's inadvisable to ask Marie Antoinette her opinion on the matter as she lost her head over it.

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