Monday, June 14, 2010


No, this princess hasn't fallen into a black hole or the nearest facsimile, her purse. She's just been taking a break from blogging. No one real excuse exists, but there could be some fun making some up. Here are some possibile princess shenanigans:

She got thinking about the X-Files claim that "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE". So she went searching. It took her quite awhile but she found it: hiding behind the dumpster at McDonald's. It seems the truth has a penchant for dumpster diving.

She researched conspiracy theories for official adoption. It might be nice to add some variety to the personal ideology mix. After careful consideration, she adopted the government mind control theory. She also chose a plan of action to "foil their plot" and bought into the aluminum foil deflector beanie plan. Gotta keep safe from those government mind control rays:!!!

She heard that Chivalry is dead. No "Chivalry" came up on her Google obit searches. Since she couldn't find the answer on the interweb then it must be false ;) But then a search for "Chivalry is dead" yielded a resultant claim of "chivalry is dead and women killed it". It? This princess thought it was some celebrity chick who bit the dust! It's not totally implausible. Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter, Apple.

So these are small, slacker stories of possible princess whereabouts and goings on. Hey, their her stories and she's stickin' to 'em!!

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