Friday, March 19, 2010


Word selection and usage is so interesting to this princess. There is a fond remembrance of how swiftly and deftly she attempted to advance her high school theater career when she oh-so-politically-and-correctly asked the director if any of the plays would interfere with the basketball games she played. Yeah..."smooth move ex-lax!". Good thing PR wasn't on her career list of things to do.

Speaking of careers, even princessdom has it's boring days so a perusal of potential professions was in order. Speaking of PR as well, there was hope for interesting possibilities on the word selection and usage front.

Helen Ziegler & Associates definitely didn't disappoint in their maneuvers to entice registered nurses to work in Saudi Arabia. In addressing the personal safety issue, they stated that the Western compounds where North American and European nurses live had "occasional terrorist attacks" but "violence is far less than one would find in a city of comparable size in the United States or Canada". Somehow still stuck on the phrase "occasional terrorist attacks", but others may be feeling the warm, fuzzy thoughts of personal safety due to Ziegler's relativity theory.

Speaking of relativity, don't relatives, and humans in general say the darndest things? Here's a comment posing as a compliment: "You're not as fat as you used to be". Gee thanks.

It appears interesting word choices aren't limited to individuals and web content. A couple of minor political parties were called "Locofocos" and "Coodies". Was health care reform in their party platforms?

Ah, yes the beautiful word choices make life so interesting. N'est-ce pas?

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