Friday, November 6, 2009


Motive is an interesting concept in this life, the Universe, and everything. So what prompted a driver to display an "I am still a virgin" bumper sticker on the tail end of an SUV? Speaking of tail and lack therof, what was the drive to display this information? And were any emotions involved? There was no punctuation to give hints so here are some thoughts:

They're proud and wanted to share - "Bully for me!!!!" (spoken in a bullish British accent)

They're unsatisfied and requesting help (listed phone number recommended).

They're surprised and exclaiming as in "I can't believe it's not butter!!!"

They're puzzled, the milder version of surprise - "Really? I am still a virgin? How did that happen.......or not?"

They're overwhelmed and pleading - "I am still a virgin and there are so many fish in the sea I just don't know where to begin!!"

They're angry and wanted to vent - "I am still a virgin and I darn well wouldn't be if it weren't for my face and awkward social skills!"

They're amused and wanted to spread the cheer - "I'm still a virgin. Isn't that hilarious? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!"

Maybe they thought this was an interesting conversation piece...Or they knew some people keep a mental list of things that make us go 'hmmm'...Or they psychically tuned into this princess' desire to find interestingly curious human behavior and thought "I have just the thing for her!! I'll plant this bumper sticker on the tail of my SUV so she'll wonder about my motive for announcing my lack of tail". One never knows and maybe that's half the fun!!

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